Friday, October 29, 2010

Finally ! - CC Trial Set for Feb 15th 2011

You will not see me using the suspects (CC) or victims last names on my blog as I don't want Google picking up my blog posts an attaching them to this case.
The community here is very small and CC's family has a lot of brainwashed followers who are part of CC's father's "new age" cult like church. This has been going on basically in my backyard. I live in the community where CC's parents and siblings live and where CC ran too, to get away from the heavy STL media attention before he was finally arrested at his parents home. Things have settled down for now but this community will be in a quiet whispering frenzy again once the trial starts.

Also keep in mind that I was not born or raised in this community and that I am a native of St. Louis. In this community I will always be considered an outsider.

I am hoping and praying that CC get's exactly what is due to him and it is a damn shame that Illinois will not fire up ol' sparky for this wife and child killing POS after his trial is over.

New search warrants issued for C. murders

CC Trial Set for Feb 15th 2011

Thank You Dish Network CEO !!!

October 29, 2010, 5:36 pm

New Deal Ends Channel Blackout on Dish Network

I have been a satellite TV user at least 14 years. It started with Primestar and then it was Direct TV when Direct TV bought out Primestar. I grinned and bared it when I had Direct TV as my satellite provider for many many years. (Primestar customer service even was better than Direct TV's)  I switched to Dish Network about 7 years ago and I have never once been sorry that I made the switch from Direct TV to Dish Network.

I have always been an avid fan of FOX (House, etc), FOX Midwest (Cardinal Games) and FOXNews (for more fair and balanced news without all the vomit that CNN or MSNBC pukes out).

I had been missing Fox Midwest and I surely would have missed seeing House but I was 110% behind Dish Network on this whole contract settlement with News Corp. These networks have to start waking up and learn that they can't mess with Dish Network's CEO. This is not the first time he has put his foot down to a network and it won't be the last. News Corp's profit has been twice the amount of what Dish Network's has been.

Sure the end result will be if News Corp can't get the extra money from Dish Network (and Dish's customers) then they will raise the advertisers rates and that just means the advertisers will stick it the consumers who buy their products. But you know what I don't have buy these overly priced and overly advertised products! There are plenty of other "product" options out there on store the shelves. But to this satellite consumer who's only choice is between Direct TV or Dish Network it makes me very happy that Dish Network's CEO has and continues to watch out for his customers.

(sorry for the NY Times link - but it was the only article I could find that wrote at least something about what truly happened - the media has been trying to make Dish Network look like the bad guy instead of News Corp, who was the really the bad guy in this situation)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Words that describe Modern Quilt to me...

Modern Quilt...

Non Fussy
Eye Catching but not overwhelming
Slight Curved Lines or Simple Angles
Using Colors that most would not use together
Non Traditional

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hodge Podge Post for Today...!

I didn't know what to title today's post !

I had thought that I changed my blogger settings to send me an email when someone leaves a comment. I guess it is not working properly. I am sorry that the comments to my last post took so long for me to notice that they were there.


Briefly back to the hacking of Accuquilt dies... The best prices I have found on the dies were through the Quilting Warehouse. They also shipped them super fast. The Hexagon Die retails for about $35 and Quilting Warehouse sells it for around $24. I do want to mention again that cutting the edge off the dies was very easy. If I tire of them before I wear the die knifes out. I am sure I can sell them in the altered condition they are in.


I did become a step-grandmother again and I am very excited about it. Out of respect for my step-daughter and expanding her family you won't see many posts on my blog about them.


I had two doctors visits last week and I had blood drawn on Friday. It was time to check my thyroid levels, my cholesterol, and my blood sugar. I had the same tests ran 2 1/2 years ago and everything came back normal back then. This time around everything came back normal except for my thyroid counts. I have finally reached the point that my thyroid is not working properly (hypothyroidism). I knew it was going to happen at some point because thyroid problems run in my family. So I start taking 100mg of Synthroid everyday for the next 6 weeks and in 6 weeks I get my blood drawn again so that they can check my thyroid level again at that time. I may need an increase or decrease in mg amount of the Synthroid then.

I am praying that the Synthroid helps, as I am tired all the time. Hopefully I will be able to lose some weight also since my damn hormones have been out of whack.

This week I have to call and schedule my yearly mammogram.


I was also on the hunt for some Arcadia (Moda) Charm Packs which are nearly impossible to find now. I am kicking myself for missing out on this fabric line when I could have bought at least a 1 yard of the favorite prints from this line. You can't even find yardage now. (trust me I have done deep searches for it). I posted a message on one of the Flickr groups I belong to and someone actually emailed me to tell me that she was in a quilt shop on Friday and saw 2 packs at the shop. The shop is in Texas. I called the shop Monday morning and scoop up by phone what they had left of the Arcadia Charm Packs.


I worked on the STLMQG CO-OP some, but I am having a hard time getting back to it. Hopefully I can up and running very soon. I am just so busy with doctors appointments, my 70 year old mother, grandbabies, and getting the gardens ready for winter.


Since I am an earthquake buff. (I get email notices of all 1.0 and higher earthquakes that are within 400 miles of me). I am starting to wonder why the media in the St. Louis area is not mentioning the increase of activity on the far southwestern end of the New Madrid fault line which sits just above Conway, AR and is closest to Guy, AR. There have been at least six quakes there in the last 7 or so days that have been around 3.0 and up to 4.0. There has also been an increase of quakes under 3.0 in the same area. Lately there has been 5 or so quakes a day down there and sometimes as many as 12 or more a day lately. I imagine that we will be seeing some soon that are closer to the northeastern end of fault. I know that the folks up in STL are not feeling these quakes right now, but I have been feeling them ever so slightly where I am at.

Friday, October 8, 2010

HACK Tutorial: Altering Accuquilt GO! Dies to use in the Cuttlebug!

I like to hack things and I am a cheap person wanting to use the Accuquilt GO! 6"x12" dies (dies that require the 6"x12" Accuquilt GO! Mat) in my manual Cuttlebug die machine.

Some basic info...

The 6" x 12" Accuquilt GO! Dies are actually about 6 5/16" wide x 5/8" thick.
The 6" x 12" Accuquilt GO! Top Die Cutting Mat is about 6 1/4" wide
The 5" x 10" Accuquilt GO! Dies are actually about 5 3/8" wide x x 5/8" thick.
The 5" x 10" Accuquilt GO! Top Die Cutting Mat is about 5 1/16" wide
The Accuquilt GO! Top Die Cutting Mats are about 1/16" to 3/32" thick

The Cuttlebug Die Machine maximum die width is 6" or 5 15/16"
The Fiskars Self Healing Mat shims I used (made) are about 1/16" thick - 3 of them on top of each other is about 3/16" thick

The Solution...
Cut "one" long side off the 6" x 12" Accuquilt GO! Dies and the 6" x 12" Accuquilt GO! Top Die Cutting Mat.

(Note: I did this with the dies I recently purchased. Which are the 3 Circle 55012,  3 Hexagon 55011 and 5" Square 55010. The 5" Square die had one die knife that sits fairly close to where the die edge needs to be cut off. It can be cut down without hitting the edge of the die blade but be very careful when cutting this die down or any other die that has a die knife that rests close to where you need to cut die edge off.)

When I opened my 6" x 12" dies I decided to remove the green plastic shell that is glued to the actual wood die body. I thought if I removed the green plastic shell that the wood die body would then be small enough to fit though my Cuttlebug and that I could shim the wood die to make it thicker if needed. This did not work as the wood die body was still too wide and part of the wood peeled off and stayed on the green plastic thus making the back side of the wood die rough. So I heavily reglued the die back into the green plastic shell without a problem.

I decided that I would just trim a long edge off of each of the 6" x 12" dies using our stationary band saw. I decided that I should cut 3/8" of an inch off only ONE side of each die, this is so that I would have at least one truly straight side still left on the die. I picked the one side that does not have ID label on it.

I used a ruler and masking tape to mark my cut line on the die. (rubber side up - pic below). I measured exactly 3/8" of inch in from the side and I included the green plastic shell edge in that 3/8". You want to do this if you are using a band saw, scroll saw, jigsaw, etc. to help you keep your cut as straight as possible. (click pics to enlarge if you need to)

You can see in the picture below just how close I had to cut to the die knife when I cut the one side off the 5" Square die (each side of "this die" had the knifes running close to each edge - the other 2 dies I cut has plenty of room between the knifes and die edge). It took less than 5 minutes to alter each die that I had.

As you can see my cuts with the band saw were not perfectly straight. I am not too good with our band saw probably because it could use a new blade on it. They don't have to be perfectly straight. Just make sure they glide easily through the die machine with no side rubbing and that you only cut off one side of the die so that you always have a straight edge on the other side of the die as a guide. You will need to file down the cut edge of the die some as the plastic and wood may have a rough edge. Use sand paper or a rasp file to smooth the edges

(Picture below) One die with edge cut off inside my Cuttlebug Die Machine. Make sure your die does not drag on the sides of the machine when you test fit it and make sure your cut edge is smooth to prevent drag.

(Picture below) Now cut the Accuquilt 6" x 12" Top Cutting Mat down by 1/4" of an inch. Mask it off and use utility kitchen type scissors to do this. (the mat is slightly less wider than the dies and this is why you just need to cut off a 1/4")

(Picture below) I decided to make "shims" to use with the Accuquilt Dies as I did not want to use my Cuttlebug plexiglass cutting mats for this. I had an old Fiskers cutting mat that I cut 3 shims out of. The 3 shims go under the Accuquilt Die.
You can see the 6 large white muslin hexagon I cut with my Accuquilt Die and Cuttlebug laying on the table.

(Picture below)
Stacked Layers from bottom to top...
3 self made Fiskars (self healing mat) Shims (cut 5 15/16" wide x 12" long)
Hacked Accuquilt GO! 6" x 12" Die with foam side up
6 Layers of Fabric
Hacked Accuquilt GO! 6" x 12" Cutting Mat
I should point out that if you go to you can find which dies are 6" x 12" by reading if it requires the 6" x 12" top cutting mat. These dies will have to be cut down by you to work in your Cuttlebug. If the die requires the 5" x 10" top cutting mat, they can be used in the Cuttlebug without having to cut the die down nor the 5" x 10" top cutting mat down. You will have to bottom shim all the Accuquilt Dies when using them in the Cuttlebug. You may need more or less "shims" depending on how many layers of fabric you are cutting and the thickness of the fabric you are cutting.

If you have a different type of die cutting machine and if it has a 6" throat you can pretty well follow what I did here to get the dies to work in your die machine. You may have to cut off less than the 3/8" I had to cut off the Accuquilt Dies so that I could use them in my Cuttlebug.

One more note: I would assume that the new Accuquilt GO! Baby will have a die bed width of at least 6 5/16" up to 6 7/16" wide die bed so that it can handle the Accuquilt GO! 6" x 12" (6 5/16" x 12") dies.

Other Helpful Links...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I love me some Chilly Dogs !!!

Smokey Jo (the cat) is thinking... "And those damn humans call me a PUSS!"

Rocky (left) - the bigger 30 lb dog loves everyone including the cats - he snuggles with them, he cleans them and they clean him. Rocky is devoted to me.

Tess (right) - the smaller 10 lb dog hates the cats and loves to chase them and get a mouth full of cat fuzz every chance she gets but she is afraid if my husbands big 16 lb cat to some degree. Tess is devoted to my husband.

BTW... The dogs cover themselves up without my help.