Thursday, July 28, 2011

My New Blog ...

I have started a new blog... (I plan to keep this one and I will get back to using it again once I start making quilts again. I have been taking a break from making quilts)

I started the new blog because I have many interests but I didn't feel right posting non- quilting stuff on a blog I named Quilting Crossroads.

So here the link to my new blog: omg - look what i found... (I wanted "Look What I Found" but someone already has it)

Silly name I know, but truthfully it fits into what I plan to do with the new blog. I surf a lot and I find all types of things that interest me (and may interest others). Just recently I came across DIY instructions on how to make a large Sunburst Mirror. Well this sent me on a huge internet search for other DIY Sunburst Mirror instructions and I found a ton of them which I bookmarked. I just did a post over at the new blog about the Sunburst Mirror I made. I also included all the links I found on the subject. (many have instructions on how to make a sunburst mirror like they made)